● Base is ruggedly fabricated to provide a solid foundation and vibration free cutting..
● End table swings downward and prevents short workpieces and thin edgings from sliding.
● Triple anti-kickback fingers provide maximum operator safety. 
● The sawblade is easily accessed for replacement.
● Control panel located within easy reach position for operation convenience.

● The oil lubricator provides the correct amount of oil to lubricate the track slideways.

● This machine produces accurate edge for high accuracy glue joint.

● 400mm capacity from blade to arm.

● Powerful 10HP (15HP) motor drive.



● Maximum working thickness: 85 mm

● Saw blade diameter:200-300mm (160mm)

● Distance from blade to arm:400mm

● Table size:1253x 780mm

● Feed speed (3 speeds):15/ 20/ 25 M/min

● Saw arbor diameter: ø25.4mm

● Saw arbor motor:10HP/ 15HP 

● Feed motor: 1HP (2HP)

● Saw arbor speed:4200 rpm

● Dust exhaust diameter:ø5"

● Width of chain block:140mm

● Net weight:900 kgs

● Gross weight:1050 kgs

● Packing dimensions(LxWxH):1660x 1010x 1360mm

*We reserve the right to modify design without prior notice.

Precision saw arbor assembly

● The saw arbor assembly is precision and ruggedly constructed to ensure precision cutting and no vibration.

● Pressure roller and saw arbor assembly are conveniently raised and lowered by separate hand wheel.

Precision fence 


The fence is accurately made and operated moved smoothly.

It is locked accurately.

Variable Feed Speed Device (Option)

● The device provides wide range of chain feed speed.

● This permits the machine to cut all types of wood material, softwood or hardwood.

An elevator feeding rollers clamp thickness of numerals

Rail & Chains

● Block surface is corrugated machined and hardened to resist wear.

● Ensure stable feeding and high cutting precision.

Triple Anti-Kickback Fingers

● Triple anti-kickback fingers provide maximum operator safety.

Complete safety protection

● Double top.

● 2 rollers clamp, 3 rollers. (option)

Oil lubricator

● The automatic lubricator provides the correct amount of oil to lubricate the track sideways, ensuring smoothness of chain motions at all time.

Control Panel

● All of machine motion controls are centralized on a control panel for operation convenience. An oil empty warning lamp is provided on the control panel.




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